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Amasya to Ormancik (stage 110)

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Michael and I set off together again this morning, not quite last, Ivan was still drinking coffee and talking about new drones with the crew!

It had rained as we were getting up and getting ready but by the time we left it had stopped, though the roads were still wet and as a consequence it didn’t take long for us to be really rather dirty – just as well we’re staying in a hostel this evening so will be able to shower!

All-in-all it was a pretty uneventful ride today – more of a ‘transit’ than anything as we followed the main highway through seemingly endless onion fields. Most of the morning was gentle climbing, and the afternoon a gentle descent.

Stage 110 route notes

Stage 110 route notes

When we got into lunch we were surprised to find that we were third and fourth to get there -somehow we’d managed to missed seeing about half the other riders along the way – only Paul and Grant were ahead of us.

Roger came and went while we were there. We passed him a short time lager, but he rapidly caught up with us again as he wanted us to be behind him – he’s been having problems with a tyre which keeps going down and wanted to know there was someone close by with a pup to help out if it went flat again.

Into town and what had been billed as a hostel turns out to be much more like a hotel. It’s actually a teacher training facility which has accommodation on the upper floors – comfortable beds and recently refurbished bathrooms so it’s all good.

While we waited for rooms to be ready Roger and I investigated his tyre – we couldn’t find any cause for the puncture so he put in a new tube and we put it all back together again with fingers crossed that it’ll stay inflated.

After a shower I took a wander in to town to take a look about – it’s not a huge place, but it’s interesting enough and has everything you’d expect in this part of Turkey including the obligatory fallen-down castle on the hill.

There’s an old stone bridge across the river in town which is undergoing significant repair work

Bridge repair

Bridge repair

I was intrigued by the stone saw so wandered round to get a closer look – the guy operating it was perfectly happy for me to be there (Turkish Health and Safety at its best). This thing is pretty impressive – that piece of stone is about 1.5m wide and 0.8m thick. It took about 15 minutes to cut all the way through (don’t worry, the video’s not that long)

From there I wandered through the market till I found a small shop making and selling pide – second lunch o’clock! It was delicious.

Next it was time for a trip up to the ‘castle’ – turned out there wasn’t much castle to see up there but it was a fun climb and a great view.

By the time I was at the top it was pretty windy!

Back through town where I picked up a couple of beers to help with the writing prior to dinner. Because w’ere in a hotel it was a restaurant dinner tonight. It must come as a real surprise to these places when two guys walk in at about 1400 and ask if they can provide dinner for 22 people at 1800 including salad, soup, main and desert!

By the looks of the patronage level in other restaurants in town this one did there months takings in a single night with us there!

Back to the hotel, sorted for the morning, some reading and in to bed ready for the hills of tomorrow!

Riding data

View from my tent

Over the rooftops of town from the third floor

Over the rooftops of town from the third floor