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The penultimate day (Stage 56)

  • no rain last night, but a nice breeze which helped with the heat
  • set off on my own, but hooked up with Kim and Canadian Kevin, before the David train came through and we jumped on the back of that
  • flying morning, averaging 29.6 km/h through to lunch on good tarmac without too much traffic
  • afternoon was just David, Eleanor and I – road much worse which made things somewhat slower, and the traffic got a bit hectic
  • I stopped for a drink after 20 km. D & E continued on, but stopped a time later and I caught them again
  • bike lane was’t much better than the road, with lots of vehicles parked in it
  • another fantastic resort to camp at right on the beach
  • sea still super warm – seems weird for the Atlantic to be warm
  • nice afternoon sitting round chatting with folks
  • awards before dinner – I was awarded the ‘Honorary Crew Member’ award for my general helpfulness to crew and riders
  • lots of lovely comments from other riders about how kind and helpful I’d been on the tour
  • ice cream for desert!
  • crazy-hot and humid evening – tried going to bed three times but it was just too hot to sleep so ended up sitting outside my tent again – eventually going to bed around 2300

View from (and of) my tent

Selfie of the day

Seems I didn’t take one – too busy riding (fast)

Riding data

Total distance: 93.55 kmTotal Time: 06:08:23
Max elevation: 46 mMin elevation: -5 m
Total climbing: 530 mTotal descent: -505 m
Average speed: 15.24 km/hMaximum speed: 72.72 km/h

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