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Riding the beach – take two (Stage 55)

  • another thunder storm and downpour over night – glad all the rain is coming while we sleep
  • off our island at 0600, hotel breakfast, made a packed lunch, set off at 0715
  • end of the spit – bikes on one boat, us on another. Short tour of the estuary as we crossed
  • fantastic fun riding on the beach – perfect conditions with hard packed sand, generally overcast and reasonably cool
  • would have missed the immigration hut had it not been flagged – most low-key border crossing of the entire tour
  • Italo, Jess and I continue don the beach after the Ghana entry – everyone else switched to the gravel road.
  • Jess made it all the way down on her MTB. Italo and I gave up at 55km when the tide was getting too far in
  • stopped to change money at a bank – you need to go to the commercial bank. Went there, no, we cant’ help, but go to the second red umbrella up the road, they will change money. Turned out it was the appliance store, but offered an acceptable rate so all good
  • had a coke stop with Jess, then another a bit later
  • tired from the beach riding, so pavement stage was pretty slow – David and Eleanor came past, but too fast for me
  • camping at another resort tonight – I have a good spot on a terrace
  • got my bikes washed down – others are changing back to road tyres, but doesn’t seem worth it so have just pumped my off-road tyres right up

View from my tent

Selfie of the day

Loving the beach riding!

Riding data

Total distance: 101.37 kmTotal Time: 06:20:15
Max elevation: 83 mMin elevation: 9 m
Total climbing: 403 mTotal descent: -373 m
Average speed: 16.00 km/hMaximum speed: 81.36 km/h

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