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Bus day round Abidjan

  • huge thunder storm at 0100 with torrential rain (luckily I’d put my fly on before going to bed)
  • late start with breakfast at 0730 – packed lunches for the bus journey
  • for some strange reason Dominic decided he wanted to ride – the whole point of the bus is that it’s not safe to do so, so I have no idea why he wanted to
  • round the outskirts of Abidjan and it became apparent why we were in a bus!
  • poshest hotel / campsite we’ve had. Quite a few people have taken rooms, but they’re expensive, and the camping looks fab anyway on our island
  • Dominic didn’t enjoy his day and got in looking tired and harassed
  • relaxing afternoon getting a couple of blog posts and a few work shores done
  • surprisingly warm Atlantic ocean when I went for a swim
  • great dinner provided by the resort – they  pulled of feeding 50 people a fully plated two-course meal in under 20 minutes – unheard of in Africa!
  • Australian Kevin and I managed to work out how to dismantle the path lights so it wasn’t as bright as day in our tents!

View from my tent

I opted for the harbour view and shade, rather than sea view and sun

Selfie of the day

Riding data

No riding today!

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