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What’s this about then?

For a while I was interested in joining TDA Global Cycling on their Tour d’Afrique ride from Cairo to Cape Town after an acquaintance (Daniel Wood from Christchurch) did the ride in 2013. I’ve also been interested in traveling through Central Asia (the Stans) and taking a look at a part of the world I’ve not visited at all.

Looking at Cairo To Cape Town I realised that I’d been to all but two of the countries it passes through, and while I really love Africa, the Silk Route seemed like an opportunity to mix both a long-term cycle tour, and countries I’ve never visited all in the same adventure.

And so that’s the plan. We set off from Beijing on Sunday 15th May 2016, and end in Istanbul on the 5th of October, some five months, and 12,000km later. You can find out more about the route on the TdA website.

This site will be my blog of the journey. Connectivity will be an issue, so there may be days (or even weeks) where I can’t upload anything, but I’ll do what I can to keep this site as up-to-date as possible.