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A day in Amasya (rest day)

I didn’t drink enough water during the day and then too many refreshing beverages last night – as a consequence I was moving more slowly this morning.

I had been intending to get caught up with blog posts, but Michael suggested that if we were going to go up to the castle that it was better to go sooner rather than later so I put the laptop away and he, Ruth and I went wandering.

It took a while to get up there, but once we did it was well worth the effort with great views of the city below as well as a fairly interesting structure too.

Back into town by taking a shortcut through the disused railway tunnel and we stopped in for lunch at a nice riverside restaurant – this town seems to be highly geared towards tourists but there just aren’t any here. How the businesses are surviving I have no idea!

A bit of window shopping on the way back to the hotel, some sorting out, some writing, a walk back into town to try and change some money, an aperitif, dinner, a quick trip into town in search of rice pudding for desert and that was the day done.

The week ahead is thankfully significantly shorter than last week, though there’s still a far bit of climbing to be done.

The riding week ahead

The riding week ahead

2 thoughts on “A day in Amasya (rest day)

  1. Glenys Robinson

    Wow, what fantastic views down to the town. Glad you have good balance – sort of “Stephen the Redeemer of Amasya”?

    1. Steve Post author

      It certainly was – in any ‘Western’ country there would have been fences and signs and safety barriers everywhere, but here we could wander round wherever we cared (dared) to.