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Itinerary details

Just in, the the latest bulletin from TdA which includes the current version of the itinerary. Some of those days look scary, especially day 43…!



On a map it looks (roughly) like this:

Also included were further details about applying for visas, which I need to get started on pretty soon – I need to get 6 of them, which if you allow two weeks for each means a 12 week process – and I’ve got several trips away over that time (thank goodness I’ve got two passports 😉

Training has slowed down this week what with work getting in the way, and the weather here in the UK’s nothing like as convivial as it was in Spain. Kaz and I went for a lunchtime ride today which proved to be rather ‘entertaining’. Weather is a fact of life when you’re riding, and pretty much everything can be coped with with the right kit – except wind…! Wind’s just a pita, and today’s wind was pretty brutal at times.

2 thoughts on “Itinerary details

  1. Shireen

    Geez Louise! Well Steve!! Elliot’s in awe of this trip… And has NO interest in biking this far.