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Christmas training – week two

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Saturday (Boxing day)

After a rest day yesterday I was rather hoping my arse wasn’t going to be so sore today – that would be no…! maybe tomorrow. Today’s weather was less co-operative than the last week, cooler, windier, and in places even threatening to rain – then 10 min later, clear blue skies and hot…! Couldn’t seem to win with body temperature today.

Almost 45km today, so slowly building up the distances – still a long way to go mind…!


Nice ride in the sun, though it was jolly windy – saw this awesome wind sculpture thing as I went along, was really humming in the wind we had.


Had a nice day off yesterday, including a trip into Malaga which (invariably) ended up with sitting in the sun drinking beer and eating tapas – not exactly ideal training, but very enjoyable all the same.

Unfortunately today’s been somewhat less pleasant climatically – starting out with actual rain this morning just as I set off on my ride – for those of you in the UK who were somewhat envious of the photos from yesterday, here’s what it looked like at the top of the ‘first big hill’ where I was literally (yes, I literally mean literally) in the clouds:

2 thoughts on “Christmas training – week two

  1. Rick

    Gosh, a bit of a steep climb at about 12k! Also please change your distances and speed units into English. The world was built on mph…….

    1. Steve Post author

      Indeed – that climb is fairly nasty. And while you may be correct that the world was built on mph, times have moved on pretty much everywhere else in the world, so if it’s all the same with you, I’m going to stick to km…