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Christmas – let the training begin

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So 120km a day huh…? Best I get on my bike and start riding…! I’ve been busy with work as 2015 has come to an end, so riding hasn’t been a particularly high priority, but with two weeks in Spain for Christmas, and a relatively pleasant climate to go along with it, time for that to change.

I managed to source a bike travel box through Ants (for a very god price) and that’s somewhere in the hold below me as we make our descent into Gibraltar. Expect news of a sore bum over the coming days…!

As well as procrastinating about actually riding my bike I’ve also been ‘thinking’ about putting this blog together for a few months now, so the three hour flight has been well spent getting things in place. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more interesting once I’m actually on my way – in the mean time, expect lots of posts about visas, equipment purchase, logistics, and having a sore bum…!

One of the things I want to be able to do is to post maps with each day’s ride on it – so this is the first experiment of that with the first training ride. Hopefully it does what I want it to.