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Road to recovery (Stage 43)

Just a quick post to say that today’s been a great day, and despite a minor interaction with the pavement I’ve felt the most human I’ve been since the day before we came into Freetown.

Not having my phone is proving to be a real hassle, particularly when it comes to taking photos and uploading things here – using my camera just makes things significantly more complicated which means that when it’s hot and humid it’s too much of a pain in the arse.

Tomorrow we head back to Guinea for a further four days before also crossing in to Cote d’ivoire this ‘week’.

I’ll see if I can smooth the process of getting things uploaded so that I can get back to proper posts, but I’;m not hopeful so no breath-holding!

View from my tent

Selfie of the day

On my camera 🙁

Riding data

Total distance: 112.48 kmTotal Time: 05:54:10
Max elevation: 331 mMin elevation: 151 m
Total climbing: 1039 mTotal descent: -902 m
Average speed: 19.06 km/hMaximum speed: 55.08 km/h

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